Sarah Pyatt

I have spent most of my life in the Bishops Stortford area and have always been involved in art and craft of some kind: card making, ceramics, canal boat decoration, carnival floats, sign boards, garden design, illustration and much more. 

I have an interest in indigenous and folk art from around the world and the importance they play in the culture of each country and I often paint in a series of three. Several of my paintings have been inspired by my travels in Australia and the Caribbean. 

Artists that have inspired me include Henri Rousseau, Gillian Ayres, early 20th century travel posters and East Anglian Print Makers. 

Barrier Reef Fish
Rainbow Snake 1
Corals & Anemone
Cow with Boat
Barrier Reef Turtle
Rainbow Snake 3
Sergeant Fish
Two Fish
Urn under the Tree