Camilla Quinn Fitzjohn

I live in Harlow and studied Art History at University. I enjoy drawing people and studying life drawing.  Paintings without people have no meaning for me. I went to St Mary’s school in Bishop’s Stortford and come from a large Catholic family and had a very happy, idyllic childhood. 

Stanley Spencer is a great inspiration to me. I love the way he contorts perspective to create an unusual viewpoint and feel he is very original. I need to be inspired to make art and when going through periods of reflection I read and watch dvds of Jane Austen.  I enjoy her work immensely and they put my mind in a very happy place.  I also enjoy reading Charles Dickens and feel there is a lot to be learnt from these books about people’s characters and behaviour.  I feel that these periods of contemplation are very beneficial to me forming ideas and developing as a person.

I have a wonderful husband David who has helped me as an artist to develop and he always has ideas on how to evolve an image.  One of his top tips is to always remember Contrast!!