Chris Valder

My journey as a painter started following a 50 year void between school and retirement. Having selected a scientific career, the creative side of my brain lay dormant.

In addition, being colour blind, led to a distorted view of life – is it green, red, brown or grey, who really knows? Early attempts at landscapes resulted in green skies and red grass, but I soon learnt to label the colours in my paint box and mix by recipe.

Over the ensuing three years the Internet became my friend with a wealth of You Tube videos just waiting to help improve technique, and I rapidly gravitated to water colours where bringing colours together on the wet paper introduces an element of magic.

For anyone toying with the notion of a bit of painting, you can do no better than join your local art group where a wealth of expertise, talent and encouragement is there to help you.

At present I still consider myself a painter. One day I may feel bold enough to call myself an artist.

Blown away
The Black Lion
Lest we Forget
St Pauls
London Blitz
Awaiting the Breeze
Awaiting Restoration
The Shambles, York
Colourful Bonzai