Claudie Nedelec

I’m a painter who likes to explore colours and textures. My main inspiration is nature and its ever-changing beauty.

Many of my paintings are very tactile, just like nature where everything is best experienced through all our senses.

I mostly paint on stretched canvas using acrylic paints. Although my main inspiration is nature, I also like to explore abstract art to express a mood, a feeling, or an idea.

Every painting is a journey which takes me from the excitement of the blank canvas to the satisfaction of the finished painting, with many stages in between. However bumpy the journey, it’s always a happy one!

I hope that you will enjoy looking at my work and feel some of that happiness too!

A walk on the beach
Winter sun
Flowers in the Sky
The Green room
Dreamy Sunday in the Garden
In the Garden on a grey Sunday afternoon
Fields of Innocence
Afternoon stroll by the lake
Flower Jet
Once upon a dream of colours
Snowy Rockface