Gabrielle Vickery

In 1991 I achieved a BA(Hons) in Audio Visual Design at Staffordshire University, specialising in animation, before establishing my career in the Graphic Design Industry.

Now living in Hertfordshire I am a full time artist and I run the The Arthouse Oasis. I hold workshops including acrylic paint pouring, watercolours and acrylic painting workshops for beginners. I’m passionate about sharing the art experience with those who do not consider themselves creative.

If you have any questions please do get in touch:
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Gabrielle Vickery Art:

A portrait of my dad – Oils
Pink Florals – Watercolour
Bumblebee 1 – Acrylics
Bumblebee 2 – Acrylics
Pink Roses – Oils
Yellow Roses – Oils
A Whispered Promise – Acrylics
White Whimsy – Acrylics
Soothing Ocean – Acrylics
Undulations – Acrylics
Tulip Splash – Watercolours and pen
Hummingbirds – Acrylics