Jeffrey Barnes

A freelance graphic designer, I trained at the LSP, enjoying the guidance of Tom Eckersley graphics, Gerry De Rose portraiture and Harry Beck (of Underground Map fame) typography. After several years based in Agencies and Studios around Soho I decided to work from my home studio for clients old and current including M&S, BT, Western Power and Dux Soup. Transitioning from drawing board and hand rendered graphics to computer generated origination meant that the new systems were my tools rather than my master. There was still a need for traditional skills so I’ve maintained my painting career in my spare time alongside my main pro graphics work. When computer graphics work slowed due to Covid I was able to spend more time painting and re-joined the Bishop’s Stortford Art Society. I’ve exhibited at the Pall Mall galleries, sold a range of works through local exhibitions and some to private patrons. My current paintings mostly illustrate local countryside suffering under siege from extreme encroachment. All pictures 410mm 310mm approx.

Alders – watercolour
Bala – acrylics
Henham Church – watercolour
Autumn Hadham – watercolour
Stormy – acrylics
Hoggate’s Wood – watercolour
Stort Lock – watercolour
Tides out – gouche
Wales cottage – watercolour
Strike – watercolour
Cornfield – acrylics
Tumbles – pencil