Margery Maskell

Although I am severely deaf, and have been from birth, I achieved GCE ‘A’ levels in Art Painting and Computer Science. After graduating with a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Mathematics, Statistics and Computing in 1974, I had a very enjoyable career as a commercial applications (mainframe) systems analyst / software engineer.

After buying a SLR camera in the early 1970’s, as a tool for recording images that would then be used to make up the components for my acrylic paintings, mainly of animals and birds in their natural settings, photography eventually became my main hobby, with natural history becoming my preferred subject.

Both myself and my husband have been touched by cancer. As a way of dealing with the various treatments and issues over the last 10 years, I went back to drawing and painting again, getting absorbed in experimenting with different mediums and papers. Watercolour painting is a new medium for me, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the unpredictability of what can be produced with it. More examples of our art and photographic work can be found on our website:

Being a member of the Bishop’s Stortford Art Society has given me the opportunity to explore further on different techniques, by seeing how other artists work. They have also encouraged me to draw and paint subjects other than nature. I am currently their Membership Secretary and Webmaster.

Robin – Acrylic on canvas
Homeward bound – Acrylic on canvas
Female Kingfisher on branch – Graphitint pencils
Katie – Pastels
Imperial Shag in flight – Tinted charcoal on watercolour
King Penguins along the shore – Watercolour
Blue Tit – Acrylic on canvas
African Plains Elephant – Acrylic on board
The Tree of Rannoch Moor – Tinted charcoal pencils
Tessa plus two – Pastels
Gentoo Penguin on wind-swept beach – Pastels
Bearded Tit with nesting material – Watercolour